Little Miss Muffet – A Little Twist

normal_Little_Miss_Muffet_DenslowLittle Miss Muffet

Sat on her tuffet

Eating her curds and whey,

Along came a spider

Who sat down beside her

And Little Miss Muffet – who was not a very fast runner, sprinted from the tuffet and practically knocked over a little old lady who was passing by. Little Miss Muffet was scared to death of spiders, as you may have guessed.

Cute Cinderella Poem

What if Cinderella was so thrilled when she was dancing with the prince that she didn’t really look closely at him?

Here is the original version and here is a poem written by Judith Viorst


Original . . .
And then the Prince Knelt
Down and Tried to Put the Glass
Slipper on Cinderella’s Foot

Poem . . .
I really didn’t notice that he had a funny nose.
And he certainly looked better all dressed up in fancy clothes.
He’s not nearly as attractive as he seemed the other night.
So I think I’ll just pretend that this glass slipper feels too tight.

Fractured Fairy Tales or Retold Fairy Tales

usethisfairyI’m often asked what the difference is between a fractured fairy tale and a retold fairy tale.

My answer – Really they are pretty much the same thing. I think opinions may vary on this but basically when I fracture a fairy tale I’m retelling it. I might add a new character or characters, change the theme, definitely change the overall story and usually the ending. Whether you call it a fractured fairy tale or a retold fairy tale makes no difference.

Some of you may have never watched the original Rocky & Bullwinkle series. They had a segment called Fractured Fairy Tales and the fairy tale you know was spun in a whole new direction and it was done so to make you laugh. I loved them and you’ll see some of the stories introduced here. So to me fracturing a fairy tale is changing them and adding humor as well.

I have an idea for some future books that will vary from my normal fractured tales but keeping humor in them is important to me.

I have no idea if I answered this question or not. :-)

Cartoons and Comics Blog

Do you like cartoons and comics?

I know. Who doesn’t, right? I have a cartoons and comics blog I thought you might like to check out. One of the projects I’ve been involved in is taking old public domain comic books and cutting out individual panels and enhancing them in Photoshop.

I actually have a comic book that will be published soon where I use these comic panels in the book and add what I hope is comical written narration.

Here is the Cartoons and Comics blog along with a sample of one of the cartoons.